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Maybank’s MAE app now supports cross-border QR payment in China

November 9, 2023

Maybank has announced that the MAE app now supports QR code payments for cross-border transactions in China. Prior to this, the bank’s cross-border QR payment was only extended to three countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The expansion to China means Malaysian MAE app users can now make cashless payments with Alipay merchants. Alipay is one of the most widely used payment platform in China.

Image Source: Maybank

The mechanics of making QR payments in China is the same as the other three countries.

Simply scan the Alipay QR code displayed and key in the payable amount. This will automatically be converted into Chinese Renminbi, and the Ringgit amount deductible will also be displayed.

If transactions exceed RM250, you must authorize your payment via Secure2u. The daily transaction limit for MAE app’s cross-border payment is RM1,000.

Image Source: Maybank

According to Maybank, the expansion of its QR pay services to China will benefit over 8 million Maybank MAE app users visiting in China, as well as 700,000 Maybank QR pay merchants in Malaysia who can now receive QR transactions by visitors from China.

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