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Activation for Maybank Secure2u can only be done via ATM starting 31 Oct

October 28, 2023

First-time users of Maybank’s Secure2u can soon only activate the security feature at any Maybank automated teller machine (ATM) starting 31st October 2023.

If you’re new to Maybank, the Secure2u feature is an authentication process to approve online banking transactions on the MAE app or on Maybank2u web via Secure Verification (one-tap approval) or Secure TAC (6-digit TAC generated on MAE app).

Previously, activation for Secure2u could be done via the app.

However, starting 31st October, customers registering for Secure2u for the first time or on a different or new device must activate Secure2u through any Maybank ATM nationwide.

How to activate Maybank Secure2u at ATM

Prior to activation, customers must first register for Secure2u on the MAE app. It is only after registering that customers will need to activate via the Maybank ATM.

To activate Secure2u at the ATM, follow the steps as given by Maybank below:

  • At the Maybank ATM, insert your card and key in the card PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • On the Main Menu, select ‘Secure2u Activation’
  • Select ‘Activate Secure2u’ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your activation.

Once activated, there will be a 12-hour activation period before you will be able to use Secure2u to approve transactions. This is to help prevent unauthorized Secure2u activations.

According to Maybank, the enhanced security measure is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s latest security measures.

To learn more, visit Maybank’s official website.

It is good to note that other major banks in Malaysia also require a similar process to activate their security authentication feature. One such example being Public Bank’s SecureSign, which also requires activation at corresponding ATMs.

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