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Top 5 Must-Have Apps to Sell Your Pre-loved Items in 2022 (Malaysia)

January 14, 2022

Maturing is realising that you can never give the same attention to everything you buy forever. Pre-loved items are all over our house, and as much as we love them, sometimes it’s just better to let them go. No matter how much sentimental value it holds, if you no longer love it as much as you did, it’s best to let others care for it. Fortunately, creative minds have developed many apps to sell pre-loved items.

Here are some of the most excellent apps to sell pre-loved items in Malaysia.


The most popular among apps to sell pre-loved items in Malaysia is Carousell. Founded in 2012, Carousell is a Singaporean mobile phone-based and web-based C2C (consumer-to-consumer) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketplace.

Being a platform to sell both new and used goods, you can find many hidden gems in Carousell, ranging from pre-loved items like clothes and toys to home appliances and electronics. There is even an option to “Make Offer” where buyers can negotiate for a lower price.

Additionally, Carousell has a “Rating” system where sellers and buyers leave reviews for each other. So, you can read the reviews of the seller’s past customers or the buyer’s past transactions.

Facebook Marketplace

Another app to sell pre-loved items that is gaining a wider audience is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook users can quickly and conveniently buy or sell new and secondhand items on Marketplace.

Facebook encourages their consumers to only communicate with sellers or potential buyers on Facebook Messenger to avoid spam and phishing. Note that only Facebook users that are 18 and older can buy and sell on Marketplace.


Mudah.my is one of the top apps to sell pre-loved items. “Mudah” is a Malay word that means “easy”. This is meant to highlight mudah.my’s strong suit, providing ease for consumers.

Users can select their region to buy and sell various products and services, including gadgets and accessories, vehicles, sports equipment, and many more. Some even sell tickets for concerts and sports matches.

There’s no catch: You can even advertise your products at no cost! You just have to fill in a form detailing your products and submit it to Mudah.my


Another local app to sell pre-loved items is Lelong.my. This online marketplace allows personal and established businesses to sell their products or services. Currently, it offers more than 1.3 million products of diverse categories – home appliances, fashion and accessories, and even frozen foods!

The app is accessible on smartphones, desktops, tablets – any gadget you own! Plus, purchases via NetPay, Lelong.my’s payment system licensed by Bank Negara, are covered under the Buyer Protection Program (BPP) as an effort to protect buyers.


Not many know this, but you can definitely sell your pre-loved items on Shopee. Many Malaysians already have Shopee installed on their phones, and they spend a lot buying cheap products. But, they fail to discover that they can also generate money on Shopee.

You first have to activate your shop on the Seller Centre and upload your pre-loved items. However, due to the transaction fee being subjected to 6% SST, you might not fully get the price you tag on your products. Nonetheless, Shopee is a great platform if you hate queueing at the post office, as you can easily drop off your items at any Shopee-certified centre.

Your Pre-Loved Items Deserve To Be Loved

Everything deserves attention, and these apps to sell pre-loved items can help them find their forever home. All you need to do is take attractive images of your pre-loved items, provide catchy details, put a reasonable price, and post! You don’t even have to get a license to start a business.

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