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Top 7 Food Delivery Apps in Malaysia (2024)

January 24, 2024

Since the pandemic, food delivery apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. Food delivery apps have provided us with a safe way to enjoy our favourite foods and beverages without risking our health.

Furthermore, food delivery apps are incredibly convenient. You can receive ready-to-eat meals right at your doorstep without even leaving your room, saving you plenty of time. 

But if you’re new to food delivery apps, you must be wondering which one to start with. Well, here are the top 7 delivery apps to use in Malaysia.

1. Grab

GrabFood is one of the biggest food delivery apps in Malaysia, with millions of users. Not to mention, it is the largest food delivery app in Southeast Asia.

It offers an endless selection of cuisines such as local Malaysian food, Thai food, Korean food, and more. 

Many food merchants, both international franchises like McDonald’s and local eateries like Inside Scoop, chose to partner with GrabFood due to their excellent services. GrabFood has hundreds of food merchants in Malaysia.

Some food merchants also offer special promotions and discounts on GrabFood only, so you can save on your food order by using the GrabFood food delivery app.

Plus, you can even get free deliveries and exclusive discounts if you subscribe to GrabUnlimited for only RM3.99/month!

Frequent Grab users will find this worthwhile as the benefits of GrabUnlimited isn’t limited to GrabFood only, but also to GrabMart and GrabRide!

Download Grab on Android or iOS

2. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is the other biggest food delivery app in Malaysia, with millions of users. 

If you’re looking to order your favourite Malaysia street food, Foodpanda is the food delivery app you need. It has more hawker options compared to its competitors. Foodpanda’s food merchants consist of many local hawkers, so you’d be spoiled for choice.

Did we mention that Foodpanda operates 24/7? All Malaysian comfort foods are available to you at any time.

Delivery charges depend on the food merchant and the delivery distance. However, Foodpanda always has special discounts and vouchers for you to claim.

Download Foodpanda on Android or iOS

3. bekal by Foodpanda

bekal by foodpanda is a relatively new food delivery service launched by foodpanda (duh!) in the first half of 2023. The difference between foodpanda and bekal by foodpanda is that the latter only caters to deliveries from JAKIM-certified halal restaurants!

That’s right, all restaurants listed on bekal by foodpanda are completely halal certified, so you don’t have to do any painstaking research on restaurants to confirm that it is, in fact, halal.

Not only that, all bekal riders are required to go through a halal training course as part of the onboarding process in order to comply with requirements. Plus, you don’t need to worry about cross contamination with non-halal foods, because riders from bekal will only deliver food from halal-certified restaurants.

To find bekal by foodpanda on the foodpanda app, simply load the app and tap on ‘Food Delivery’. At the top most panel (usually where all the promotion tiles are), slide left until you find the bright yellow and pink tile that says ‘new halal-certified delivery’. Tap into it, and you’ll find all your halal-certified selections at your fingertips.

Find bekal by Foodpanda by downloading the foodpanda app on Android or iOS

4. airasia food

AirAsia Food is operated by Malaysia’s budget-friendly airline Air Asia! It is growing in popularity due to its high-value offers. You can collect points and share them across their platforms.

AirAsia Food is an underdog in the food delivery industry, slowly making its presence known. In addition to AirAsia Food, AirAsia Fresh also offers fresh foods and groceries, which they’ve been sourcing from local suppliers and farmers through the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority.

AirAsia Food’s food merchants are mostly local cuisine establishments. The food delivery platform has its in-house restaurant known as Santan, which used to supply AirAsia’s aeroplane meals. 

Asia Food is now available in several areas in Malaysia, including KL City, Subang Jaya, Sri Petaling, Mont Kiara, Cheras, Wangsa Maju, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Bayan Lepas, and Georgetown.

Download the airasia Super App on Android and iOS.

5. Shopee Food

Everyone knows Shopee as the online shopping app, but now they’ve ventured into food delivery as well. Launched in 2021, ShopeeFood is their in-house food delivery service.

You can access ShopeeFood through the homepage of Shopee’s main app. 

ShopeeFood is available to millions of Malaysians in the Klang Valley. Moreover, it’s partnered with giant fast-food chains like KFC, Tealive and numerous local establishments.

Shopee has its eWallet known as ShopeePay; by paying with Shopee Pay, you can collect coins and claim free delivery and discount vouchers.

Download ShopeeFood on Android or iOS

6. Beep

Beep was created just 2 days after the first Movement Control Order (MCO) with the sole purpose of helping small local F&B businesses keep afloat. Previously, it was just a website (beepit.com), but since then have gone on to develop their own food delivery app!

Beep still stays committed in helping small-scale restaurants grow, so you’ll find lots of homegrown local eateries on the app. You won’t find giant fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC here.

If you’re keen to support local businesses, Beep is the best app to use as they take a smaller commission to help restaurants maintain a larger margin.

Download Beep on Android or iOS.

7. HomeTaste

HomeTaste is a food delivery service that specialises in delivering home-cooked food. It’s the perfect website to use when you’re missing mom or dad’s heart-warming meals.

HomeTaste’s food merchants are some of Malaysia’s best home cooks. They’ve practised and perfected their respective cuisines for decades. Some of the cuisines HomeTaste offers are local Malaysian food, Hakka food, and Malay food.

Moreover, HomeTaste also offers meal packages, meal subscriptions, and ala carte dishes. So, you won’t have to worry about your next meal! The best home cooks of Malaysia’s got you covered.

Visit the HomeTaste official website here

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Receiving Food Hassle-Free

Now that we’ve covered the top 6 food delivery apps, we hope you have more choices to enjoy international franchises and local delicacies! 

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