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5 E-waste recycling services in Malaysia to discard your old electronics responsibly

January 26, 2024

Yes, owning the latest and greatest tech gadgets is cool. But do you know what’s not cool? Improperly disposing your old gadgets in the trash can. We know some of you might say “why not? It’s trash CAN”, but in this case, it’s trash CANNOT, okay?

Tossing old electronics in the garbage is only contributing to landfill. Your electronics WILL NOT biodegrade, and will instead pollute the earth for generations to come. What’s more, toxic materials such as batteries may leak and cause further damage to the environment.

Thankfully, there are green heroes out there who commit to preventing unwanted electronics from reaching landfill. So, before you chuck that ol’ laptop in the bin, we recommend reaching out to any one of these alternatives instead.

Here are 5 e-waste recycling services in Malaysia to discard your electronics responsibly.

1. ERTH: Electronic Recycling Through Heroes

ERTH is an e-waste recycling service

ERTH is one of the more legitimate recycling service you could reach out to. They are recognized by the Department of Environment (Jabatan Alam Sekitar) as a Top Authorised Collection Centre, and works with a government-licensed recycling facility to dispose your e-waste.

They take in all varieties of e-waste, including laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, home appliances, and flatscreen TVs. The best part about all this is that you get paid! ERTH will pay you for your contributions via bank or e-wallet upon collection of your e-waste. You will even get free pick up service if you recycle a minimum of 3 non-bulky devices.

ERTH also offers Secure Data Destruction service to thoroughly scrub your digital footprints from all your devices.

Aside from individual household collection, you can also employ ERTH’s services for large enterprises.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran at one of the newly setup e-waste collection points in the district
Image Credit: ERTH Facebook Post

To seal ERTH’s commitment and credibility, they have recently set up three e-waste collection points in Bukit Gasing, bringing their total to 50 collections points in the Klang Valley. The addition of the three new e-waste collection points was officiated by Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran.

Contact ERTH today!

ERTH Website: https://erth.app/

Contact: +60-14-2211446

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

2. UrbanR Recycle+

UrbanR Recycle is an e-waste recycling service

UrbanR Recycle+ is a recycling collection service which will go through the hassle of segregating your unwanted waste. In fact, there are two levels to this process. The first is to segregate the recyclable from the non-recyclables. The second step is to further organize the recyclable items according to its materials so that it’s easier to send them off to the appropriate recycling destinations.

For e-waste, UrbanR Recycle+ takes in bulky items such as laptops, desktops, and microwave ovens; and smaller items such as batteries and light bulbs. Once collected, they will decide whether to refurbish the items, salvage the spare parts, or send them for recycling.

E-waste drop-offs at UrbanR Recycle+
Image Credit: UrbanR Recycle+ Facebook Post

You can call UrbanR Recycle+ to pick up your e-waste, or drop them off at their HQ at 1 Shamelin Mall, Level 3 in Cheras.

Contact UrbanR Recycle+ today!

Contact: 012-672 2898

Email: icycle3r@gmail.com

Address: Level 3, 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras

Social Media: Facebook

3. IPC Recycling and Buy Back Centre

IPC Recycing and Buy Back Centre is an e-waste recycling service

The IPC Recycling and Buy Back Centre in IPC Shopping Centre is a favourite for those who frequently recycle. They are well-organized and their recycling labels are clear and easy enough for anyone to understand. Many resort to discarding their recyclables such as cardboards, plastics, and metals here.

But did you know they also take in e-waste? This recycling centre will take in your burnt out light tubes, light bulbs, batteries, and other e-waste if you have lying about. This is a good place to discard your batteries as they have the means to dispose of them safely without causing environmental pollution.

The e-waste drop-off point at IPC.RBBC

Recycling at IPC is as simple as dropping your e-waste into the correct colour-coded bins. You can find them at LG1 (near ladies parking), they are open from 8AM – 10PM daily, including public holidays.

Recycle with IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre today!

IPC.RBBC Website: https://www.ipc.com.my/services/recycling-buy-back-center/

Address: IPC Shopping Centre, Ladies parking, Level P1, 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: 03-7730 0333

Operating Hours: 8AM – 10PM Daily (including public holidays)

Social Media: Facebook

4. Karun Hijau Recycling

Karun Hijau is an e-waste recycling service

Another e-waste recycling service you must consider is Karun Hijau Recycling. This service takes in not just e-waste, but pre-loved items as well. For Karun Hijau, recycling is always their last resort. Before resorting to recycling, they will first find ways to reuse or repurpose the items.

If the items are salvageable, they will look to either sell them as secondhand items, or donate them to charity. What’s unique about them is that they also work with local artisans to turn your waste into art!

Karun Hijau also help schools dispose of unwanted e-waste
Image Credit: Karun Hijau Facebook Post

Simply engage Karun Hijau by booking their PAY2PICK service, which will dispose, move, clear, and clean your waste. Some e-waste which they will gladly take in are household appliances and computer parts.

Contact Karun Hijau today!

Book PAY2PICK Service

Website: https://www.karunhijau.com/

Contact: +60 11 7000 1555

Email: admin@karunhijau.com

Address: Level 5, Tower 8 Avenue 5, Horizon 2 Bangsar South City 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (Correspondence Address)

Social Media: Facebook

5. Senheng e-Waste Recycling Program

Senheng also has their own e-waste recycling progamme

It’s fitting that one of the largest electronics retailer in the country also provides their own e-waste recycling program. Senheng’s e-Waste Recycling Program has been running strong since 2013. You can easily dispose of your e-waste at your nearest Senheng or SenQ outlet.

They’ll even reward your go-green efforts with cash vouchers if you send in non-bulky e-waste items. So your old projectors and dusty desktops will come good even after its run its course. Other non-bulky items include mobile phones, tablets, VCD and DVD players.

For bulky items such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, you can call on Senheng’s free collection service.

Recycle with Senheng e-Waste Recycling Program

Website: Senheng e-waste Recycling Program

Contact: 03-9281 4040

Address: You can drop your e-waste at your nearest Senheng or SenQ outlet

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Being a responsible green citizen

The choices we make today will affect the lives of tomorrow. E-waste is a problem today, and will be a major problem in the future if we don’t foster proper e-waste disposing habits now.

With e-waste recycling services such as ERTH – who will PAY YOU for recycling – around, it should be even more beneficial for us to dispose our e-waste appropriately.

Not only that, most of the services above offer pick-up options for our convenience.

We don’t need to lead perfectly environmentally friendly lives, we only need to be a little more eco-conscious about the decisions we make.

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