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ASUS ROG Ally X: Doubled battery, doubled storage, same Z1 Extreme processor

June 4, 2024

ASUS has unveiled its second iteration of its ROG handheld gaming console, the ROG Ally X. The ROG Ally X will play its role as the successor to last year’s ROG Ally, with the new X variant boasting several improvements in hardware.

The most notable of these improvements is its doubled storage and improved RAM. Where previously the ROG Ally shipped in only a 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB SSD, the new ROG Ally X comes with 24GB LPDDR5X RAM and 1TB SSD for users to store more games.

Another significant upgrade comes by way of its 80Wh battery, which again, has doubled from the 40Wh battery on its predecessor. By virtue of a larger battery component the ROG Ally X is heavier now at 678g, which is a pretty good trade-off for longer-lasting usage.

ASUS says that they’re able to fit the larger battery by reducing the fan size by 23% and utilizing thinner blades to improve airflow. Fret not about the smaller fan though, as they’ve also managed to redesign the cooling system to include two new tunnels and a third exhaust vent to improve ventilation.

Apart from that, there’s also subtle changes to the chassis and buttons. For one, ASUS says the ROG Ally X now has deeper handles and a rounded shape for firmer grip and comfort. The buttons and joystick now has a slant which makes them easier to press, and the macro buttons on the rear have been reduced slightly to avoid accidental presses.

Another notable changes you’ll notice is that the XG Mobile port used for connect external GPUs have been removed. Instead, it’s been replaced by a two USB-C ports, one of which is Thunderbolt-compatible which makes connecting external GPUs still possible.

There’s also a new black colourway available for the ROG Ally X.

Other than that, the console still utilizes the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor. It’s unclear at this point when the ROG Ally X will be made available in Malaysia. Last year, the ROG Ally sold out within minutes after launch. So do stay tuned to get the latest updates on the ROG Ally X in Malaysia.

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