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vivo Y27s: The Leading Star in its Class Segment

November 30, 2023

The hallmark of a superstar device is its ability to turn heads wherever it goes. Bedazzled in gentle, elegant colours and armed with a dependable Snapdragon processor, the vivo Y27s does just that.

vivo’s latest Y series headliner is an affordable option that excels in many aspects. Much like a multi-talented wonderkid, the vivo Y27s is a jack-of-all-trades device that packs all the essentials for modern day living. Processing speeds, ultra-clear cameras, speedy charging, and even alluring aesthetics – all this at a stellar price of RM799.

If anyone ever tells you that a budget device can’t be any good, prove them wrong by showing them these four things on the vivo Y27s.

Super Stylish Design

A glance at the vivo Y27s is akin to a glimpse of a global icon strutting on the red carpet. Radiant with a choice of two colours, the spotlight follows the Y27s in either shades you choose. Garden Green perhaps, with tints of yellow hues for that sparkling, tranquil look; or maybe Burgundy Black with its luxurious premium elegance fitted like a tailored suit.

Its slim 8.17mm thick frame exudes the minimalistic appearance taking trend in this era, while a lightweight 129g sits snug and weightless in your palms. However, despite its sleekness, the vivo Y27s is not to be mistaken as fragile. With scratch-resistant rear panels and a coat of crystalline matte finish for that flush of exuberance, it is undoubtedly a sturdy offering.

Super Strong Performance

Good looks with no mettle amount to nothing. A reliable device in this day and age needs to go beyond aesthetics and offer the best of your money’s worth.

For this, you can always turn to the industry segment-leading processor, the Snapdragon 680. This processor packs power and speed enough to ensure your most used and most beloved apps run as smooth as melted butter. It is a reliable engine for gaming devices to have and you’ll run most games comfortably on the vivo Y27s.

Crucially, the Snapdragon 680 is a power efficient processor that keeps your phone running longer without burning up.

What completes the vivo Y27s is its 6.64″ display with Full HD+ resolution that brings content to life. It packs a steady 90Hz refresh rates for smooth sailing scrolling and gaming experience. Not to mention, its peak brightness goes up to 650nits, which makes for vivid viewing even under bright sunlight.

To top it off, the vivo Y27s guarantees durability with its IP54 dust and water resistance so that no accidental splashes or specks of dust can bring it harm.

Super Big Capacity

You can’t live larger than life with minimal storage. In a world where experiences are abundant and good moments come in waves – you absolutely need a large storage capacity on your phone.

Whether its for photos or your favourite social media apps, the large 256GB storage capacity on the vivo Y27s ensures there’s plenty of room for more. Not only that, an 8GB RAM keeps the flow going, even when there are apps running simultaneously in the background. Need more? Simply activate the additional 8GB Extended RAM to experience the full force of a 16GB RAM device.

Together with a 5,000mAh battery, the vivo Y27s will last as long as the good times are rolling. And even when you’re out of juice, you’ll be back at the fore in no time thanks to its 44W FlashCharge.

Super Fun Cameras

People will always tell you to live in the moment, but memories will fade into a shade of blur unless you have photos to ignite that flame again.

The vivo Y27s comes equipped with dual cameras, featuring a 50MP Portrait Camera and a 2MP Bokeh Camera. Whatever the occasion, be it a night out or a day adventure, you can expect ultra-clear photos to reminisce upon. And don’t forget about the selfies! Freeze those precious memories with your friends using the 8MP front camera.

For a touch of glamour, add a portrait light effect, or toggle around with the many varieties of bokeh flares to capture the moment the way you want too.

vivo Y27s: The best in its class

A superstar like you needs a superstar device. Unleash your potential with the vivo Y27s, all at a price of only RM799 in Malaysia.

The vivo Y27s is available at your nearest vivo concept store. Alternatively, you can also purchase the Y27s on vivo’s online channels, including:

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