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Tune Talk releases new 5G-enabled prepaid plans with Pek Epik!

October 27, 2023

Tune Talk becomes the latest telco provider to introduce 5G-enabled prepaid services to Malaysians. The new plan – called Pek Epik! – offers a total of 4 plans, though not all of them will have 5G services.

Here are the pricing and details of the 4 new plans under Pek Epik!

  • EpikCall 20 – RM20/month: 10GB internet; Standard Definition for YouTube and Netflix streaming; 10GB hotspot
  • Epik 35 – RM35/month: 130GB internet, additional 5GB hotspot, unlimited access to chat, social, and video apps (including WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, TikTok, Instagram, X, YouTube, Netflix, and more)
  • Epik5G 45 – RM45/month: Unlimited 5G (Fair Usage Policy of 70GB), 30GB internet and hotspot
  • Epik 50 – RM50/month: 500GB internet at 6Mbps, HD streaming, 5GB high-speed hotpot (limited promo valid until 31 December 2023)

All plans come with unlimited calls.

Pek Epik! is available nationwide starting today, to learn more, you can visit Tune Talk’s official website.

In truth, only the Epik5G 45 offers 5G internet data to users, with Epik 35 only offering 5G for its hotspot service.

Please note that in order to utilize 5G services, you will need to ensure your device is 5G-ready and that your location has access to a 5G network. You can check your 5G coverage area here.

According to Tune Talk’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Joseph Lim, Pek Epik! meticulously designed “to cater to a diverse customer base, from the dynamic Gen-Zs to those in the gig economy, social junkies, gamers, and value-conscious users.”

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