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Time introduces 1Gbps Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) home WiFi service

October 12, 2023

Time has introduced its new Gig Speed Home packages to Malaysians, giving subscribers a Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) solution with up to 1Gbps internet speeds.

In brief, an FTTR solution pulls micro optical fibres into designated spaces in your household, allowing high speed internet to access areas with perhaps faulty or slower internet connection. This new FTTR packages rides on Huawei’s FTTR solution, and is powered by WiFi 6 technology.

Time offers three Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) plans under its Gig Speed Home Packages. At the time of writing (12th Oct 2023), there is an early bird promo for an indefinite time.

Here’s what each package offers, as well as its official and promo pricing. For payment, subscribers can either opt for a full payment, or a 24-month instalment plan.

Time promises zero installation costs.

1 Parent Node + 1 Child Node

  • Recommended Coverage: 1,000 sq ft / 2 rooms
  • Full Payment: RM1,320 (Early Bird Promo) // RM2,640 (Normal Price)
  • 24-month Payment Plan: RM55/month (Early Bird Promo) // RM110/month (Normal Price)

1 Parent Node + 2 Child Nodes

  • Recommended Coverage: 1,500 sq ft / 3 rooms
  • Full Payment: RM1,800 (Early Bird Promo) // RM3,600 (Normal Price)
  • 24-month Payment Plan: RM75/month (Early Bird Promo) // RM150/month (Normal Price)

1 Parent Node + 3 Child Nodes

  • Recommended Coverage: 2,000 sq ft / 4 rooms
  • Full Payment Plan: RM2,160 (Early Bird Promo) // RM4,320 (Normal Price)
  • 24-month Payment Plan: RM90/month (Early Bird Promo) // RM180/month (Normal Price)

Before you rush in to subscribe, do take note of a few important things.

The first thing being that the 24-month payment plan is only open to Malaysian subscribers of more than 6 months with no outstanding payment.

Secondly, existing customers who are interested must upgrade to the 1Gbps plan in order to be eligible for the Gig Speed Home FTTR packages.

If you meet the requirements and want to register your interest, you can do so on Time’s official Gig Speed Home page here.

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