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Sharp MEGA Promo: FREE iPhone 15, RM4,000 Touch ‘n Go Credits, and MORE!

December 8, 2023

With the festive season upon us and 2024 right around the corner, it’s finally time to treat yourself for making it through the year!

These MEGA deals from Sharp will absolutely blow you away with its high-value free gifts and amazing discounts, and maybe even a brand new iPhone 15?

That’s right! At Sharp’s MEGA campaign, you have the chance to get yourself a free iPhone 15, OR RM4,000 worth of Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit! Sound exciting? Here’s how it works.

Sharp MEGA Campaign

In addition to offering amazing discounts of up to 40%, Sharp’s MEGA campaign allows you to select your own high-value free gifts depending on the items you purchase. Each item in the MEGA promo will allow you to choose from 1 of these 4 free gift categories: MEGA 1, MEGA 2, MEGA 3, and MEGA 4.

With Sharp’s MEGA campaign, you don’t just get savings up to RM4,000, but you can also bring home a 2.0ch Soundbar worth RM399, or a Portable Air Conditioner worth RM1,759, or even a 32″ HD Android TV worth RM1,099!

Free gifts are on a first come first served basis, so hurry before it’s too late!  This campaign will run from 18th November 2023 – 25th February 2024!

To find out which item is eligible for which free gift group category – simply find the group label next to the product on the e-catalogue!

Here are the available free gifts in each category.

Sharp MEGA Campaign – All the best deals available!

Ready to shop? We’ve curated some of the best deals you can find in Sharp’s MEGA campaign across four categories: TVs, refrigerators, air conditioner, and washers.


If you’re a big fan of Apple, you probably have your sights on that new iPhone 15. We’ll make it easier for you – the MEGA 1 free gift group is eligible for the 75″ 4K AQUOS XLED TV. By purchasing this, you can either opt for the iPhone 15, or the RM4,000 Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits! All this on top of the RM1,000 discount on the TV!

Don’t forget to check out the other TVs on promo!

ModelPromo PriceNormal PriceFree Gift Group
75″ 4K AQUOS XLED [4TC75FV1X]RM24,999RM25,999MEGA 1
65″ 4K AQUOS XLED [4TC65FV1X]RM14,999RM15,999MEGA 2
75″ 4K AQUOS Google TV [4TC75FK1X]RM5,599RM7,499MEGA 3
70″ 4K Android TV [4TC70DL1X]RM4,299RM6,799MEGA 3
65″ 4K Android TV [4TC65DK1X]RM2,899RM4,399MEGA 4

A free portable air conditioner to go along with your newly bought refrigerator? Sounds like an unmissable 2 for 1 special! Yes, you can save RM2,606 on Sharp’s 780L Hikaru refrigerator AND get a new portable air conditioner worth RM1,759 from group MEGA 2. If you’re not interested in the air-con, simply opt for the RM1,500 Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits instead!

Explore more refrigerator deals below!

ModelPromo PriceNormal PriceFree Gift Group
780L Hikaru Refrigerator [SJF889WGM] RM13,693 RM16,299 MEGA 2
750L Avance Refrigerator [SJF921VGK]RM5,999RM6,999MEGA 3
700L Avance Refrigerator [SJF821VMSS]RM4,919RM5,799MEGA 4
620L Side by Side Refrigerator [SJX6322MS]RM3,599RM4,789MEGA 4
610L Pelican Refrigerator [SJP601MFMK/S]RM3,459RM4,099MEGA 4

Air conditioners are essential in a Malaysian household. If you have yet to install one, or are looking for a change – now’s the best time to do it. You can save RM900 on a powerful 2.0HP AIoT Plasmacluster J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner, AND bring home either a 32″ Android TV (worth RM1,099), a water heater (worth RM979), or a 30L microwave oven (worth RM1,299) from gift group MEGA 3!

ModelPromo PriceNormal PriceFree Gift Group
1.0HP AIoT Plasmacluster J-Tech Inverter A/C [AHXP10YHD]RM1,999RM2,649MEGA 4
1.5HP AIoT Plasmacluster J-Tech Inverter A/C [AHXP13YHD]RM2,349RM2,909MEGA 4
2.0HP AIoT Plasmacluster J-Tech Inverter A/C [AHXP18YHD]RM3,299RM4,199MEGA 3

Some of Sharp’s most sought-after washing machines from the Proflex series are also on sale. We recommend the Proflex washer dryer with Plasmacluster technology that’s now RM1,530 cheaper than the normal price. And don’t forget about your free gift from MEGA group 3!

ModelPromo PriceNormal PriceFree Gift Group
10.5KG/7KG Proflex Washer Dryer [ESDK1054PMS]RM3,069RM4,599MEGA 3
8.5KG Proflex Washer [ESFK852EMW]RM1,749RM2,799MEGA 4
8KG Front Load Washer [ESFV8058]RM1,629RM2,699MEGA 4
16KG Inverter Top Load Washer [ESY1619]RM2,099RM2,999MEGA 4

Click here to see the full e-catalogue of Sharp’s spectacular MEGA knockout deals!

How to claim your MEGA Free Gift

Once you’ve made your purchase, don’t forget to claim your free gift! You can redeem your free gifts in four simple steps:

  1. Head over to the MEGA Campaign page and click ‘Claim Your Free Gifts Now’; or click here.
  2. Fill in the relevant details
  3. Choose your free gifts from the eligible group
  4. Verify and claim your selected free gifts

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-year promo! Let’s welcome the new year and the festive period with a household overhaul from Sharp’s MEGA Promo!

This article is brought to you by Sharp Malaysia