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How Microsoft provides a collaborative experience for teachers and students

February 9, 2024

The education landscape has evolved so much in the past decade that it can be hard for teachers and students alike to keep up. Questions such as ‘which device is best for school?’, and ‘which is the better software for productivity?’ have all become pertinent questions in this era.

While it’s good that you’re seeking to harness the power of tech in education, there really is a short and simple answer: just go with anything Microsoft.

Microsoft has been a longstanding pioneer in productivity software with tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint being utilized in schools and workplaces even till today. These tools – all of which comes when you sign up for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 – will provide teachers and students with a synchronous and collaborative experience, thus maximizing productivity and gearing students for the real world. Here’s how.

Seamless and Real-time collaboration

Gone are the days where each groupmate must send in their part of the assignment in separate files; where formatting is inconsistent, and miscommunication is bound to happen.

We’ve reached an era of co-authoring, where more than one person can work with others in the same document, and at the same time. With co-authoring, you’ll find group assignments are seamless and workflow runs smooth like a well-oiled machine.

You can easily check in on what others are doing to avoid topic clashes and repetitive points and ensure everyone is on the same page. Want to ask about something? Simply highlight the text in question and leave a comment on the document which your teammate can reply in the comment box with ease.

This will particularly benefit educators and supervisors, who can now effortlessly check in on their mentee’s work or thesis and steer them in the right direction on the document itself, rather than waiting for a separate copy a day later.

Save your progress as it happens

Picture this: you’ve spent hours after hours working on your final project, thrown tears and hard work into the mix – only for your device to crash out of the blue, leaving you nothing else but the first paragraph of a 100-page essay.

An auto-save function is a modern-day lifesaver and a necessity in this day and age. The last thing you need is your grades crashing down because of an issue that isn’t even your fault!

Early exposure to applicable working skills

What better way to expose students to real-world working environments than to have them learn a suite of software skills that employers value most?

Tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all software that’s being used in the workforce today. They are integral in streamlining a company’s workflow and is a central part in helping a company – both multinational and SMEs – thrive in their business. As such, students who familiarize themselves early on with this software often have an advantage over their peers.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 is designed primarily for individuals and families who require basic productivity tools for personal and academic use. This version typically includes essential applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, which are widely used for word processing, creating spreadsheets, and designing presentations, respectively.

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