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CelcomDigi announces partnership with TIME to expand fibre service

October 17, 2023

Celcom Digi has announced a partnership with Time dotCom, which will see CelcomDigi’s fibre service reach a larger audience.

With Time already established as one of the more reliable internet providers for high-rise buildings in Malaysia, CelcomDigi will leverage on Time’s existing fibre broadband infrastructure to bring its home fibre services to Malaysians, with primary focus on individuals living in condominiums and apartment complexes.

Through the collaboration, CelcomDigi customers can soon enjoy highspeed internet up to 1Gbps, high upload speeds with Time’s symmetric downlink and uplink offerings, as well as swift fibre installation.

Since the infrastructure is already in place, CelcomDigi will be able rollout its internet services in a cost-efficient manner, in line with the country’s digital aspirations.

Source: [1] New Straits Times

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