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Top 8 Air Purifiers for Pet Owners in 2024

March 11, 2024

Having a pet in your home is terrific; they are great companions to have in your home. However, there is a struggle all pet owners face – pet dander. Pet dander can be dangerous, but there are air purifiers for pet owners out in the market to combat this issue.

Air purifiers are a must-have for pet owners. Many pets shed or are covered in germs after a walk. Air purifiers for pet owners need to be able to clean everything, from pet dander to clumps of stray fur, to keep your indoor air clean.

Here are our 8 best air purifiers for pet owners to have at home.

8 Top Air Purifiers for Pet Owners in 2024

1. Blueair Blue 3410 Air Purifier

Price in Malaysia: RM1,499 – RM1,539; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

Blueair Blue 3410 is the best air purifier for pet owners who often find fur floating around their homes. While you still need lint rollers on hand to get rid of the pet hair on your clothes and furniture, the Blue 3410 helps filter out pet hair with little energy.

The Blue 3410 comes with a three-part filtration system. A fabric pre-filter offers the first layer of protection to catch pet fur and dust around your home. The Particle + Carbon Filter filters odours from your pets, and the main filter removes airborne particles, like dust and pet dander.

Perfect for medium rooms, the air purifier uses HEPASilent filtration technology. Its filters are less dense than the traditional True HEPA filters but work just as well as one – resulting in quiet and energy-efficient air purifiers.

2. Levoit Core P350 Pet Care True HEPA Air Purifier

Price in Malaysia: RM529 – RM549; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

If your pets are lucky enough to have a room or play pen of their own, then we recommend the Levoit Core P350. This air purifier was designed specifically with pet owners in mind. It is compact, portable, and suitable for small- to medium-sized rooms.

It purifies air in a 3-stage filtration system, starting first with a nylon pre-filter to capture fur and other large particles. The second layer is the True HEPA Filter that catches airborne contaminants such as pet dander, pollen, and bacteria. The final layer is an Activated Carbon Filter which absorbs pet odour so you can keep the room smelling fresh even after those evening walks.

The Levoit Core P350 is designed to purify air from every side. As such, it performs best when placed in an open space or in a centralized area.

3. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro

Price in Malaysia: RM850 – RM1,099; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro is one of the more complete air purifiers out there. It performs all the basic functions efficiently, including clearing the air of pet hair and dander.

It utilizes a three-in-one filtration system consisting of a Primary Filter, Xiaomi’s High Efficiency Filter, and an Activated Carbon Filter. Do note that the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro does not have the mainstream HEPA Filter. According to Xiaomi, their High Efficiency Filters are able to clean more air using lesser energy as compared to HEPA filters.

You can connect the air purifier to the Xiaomi Home App, where it will give you access to air quality information, timer settings, and child lock controls, among others.

4. Sterra Breeze Air Purifier

Price in Malaysia: RM1,099; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

Sterra Breeze is one of the most reliable air purifiers you can have in your household. One of the key components that makes the Sterra Breeze effective is the use of the HEPA-13 Filter, instead of True HEPA Filters. HEPA-13 Filters are medical-grade filters, and are essentially more thorough in air purification.

The Sterra Breeze is capable of removing 99.97% of airborne particles, including fur, dander, dust, and skin flakes. As with most other air purifiers, it can also get rid of pet odours via an Activated Carbon Filter.

A Silent-VX Motor makes it a silent yet effective performer, with noise decibels going as low as 20dB. It also has a built-in filter replacement reminder to alert you when the filter is due for a change.

5. Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier [PA91-406GY]

Price in Malaysia: RM2,699 – RM2,799; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

Previously a Reddot winner in 2020, the Electrolux Pure A9 is the perfect air purifier for pet owners who value style and performance. Its sleek design can blend in anywhere around your house and is not bulky, so it keeps your home looking clutter-free.

The Pure A9 has a five-stage purification solution to trap pet hair, dander, and odours. Its filters include the PureProtect feature that neutralises up to 99.99% of trapped airborne contaminants and bacteria for healthier air at home. It also conveniently alerts you when the filters need to be replaced.

Unique to Electrolux air purifiers, its PureSense system can measure indoor and outdoor air quality levels. Then, it adjusts the air purification rate so that you come home to a breath of fresh air. You can conveniently check your indoor air quality from anywhere with the Electrolux Wellbeing app.

6. Midea Air Purifier w/ 3-in-1 Compound Filter [MAP-20BD]

Price in Malaysia: RM355 – RM369; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

The Midea MAP-20BD is the most affordable air purifier for pet owners with small rooms. It works with just a push of a button and comes with a Sensuous Sleep mode that lets you set a timer or switches the air purifier off when not in use.

It is the perfect air purifier for pet owners with its 3-in-1 compound filter. Its pre-filter, HEPA filter and active carbon filter provide excellent air purification for your homes. They eliminate unpleasant smells like smoke, kitchen odours and even pet odours and removes bacteria, dust, and, most importantly, pet hair.

With its Air Ioniser, you and your family from viruses and bacteria in your home. The Midea MAP-20BD disperses negative ions that latch onto dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants, which then settle to the floor. Plus, it comes with a 4-stage airflow control to keep your indoor air fresh.

7. Sharp 62m² Plasmacluster Technology Air Purifier [FPJ80LH]

Price in Malaysia: RM2,290 – RM2,679; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

Next on the list is Sharp’s Plasmacluster, the best air purifier for pet owners with allergies. Connect to your smart air purifier with its app to check the condition of your surrounding air quality and the filter status monitor to know when to replace the dust-collecting and deodorising filters.

Sharp’s revolutionary Plasmacluster technology is known to be effective against viruses and microbes. It generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature, producing cleaner air and creating a healthier living environment to keep your allergies at bay.

The Sharp air purifier also eliminates unpleasant odours (like your pet’s litter box), so you can enjoy fresher air for ultimate living satisfaction. Unlike other air purifiers, the Sharp air purifier adjusts the humidity in your home to keep your skin moisturised and healthy.

8. Dyson Purifier Cool purifying fan TP07

Price in Malaysia: RM3,099 – RM3,199; Find the best price from retailers on PriceShop

The Dyson TP07 is the best smart air purifier for pet owners. Available in two colours, it not only captures dust and allergens but also removes 99.95% of pollutants found in your home.

Like other Dyson air purifiers, the TP07 is equipped with the HEPA H13 filtration system and Air Multiplier technology to purify large rooms. Its two levels of filtration help filter pet odours and circulate the clean air around the entire room.

The Dyson air purifier also stands out for its smart features. You can control it remotely with compatible voice commands like Google Home and Apple’s Siri. You can also download the Dyson Link app and check the filter’s condition, monitor air quality, and adjust the settings.

Editor’s Note

Your pets can have their allergies as well, so it’s best to buy a suitable air purifier for pet owners that will keep the air in your home free from mould and dust. Don’t let you and your pet suffer – invest in an air purifier to live long together with your pet.

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